All I want to do is share stories of being an American family man. I want to talk about the fun, joys and the hardships that have formed me into a husband, father and now grandfather. Throughout my adulthood I have been called Honey, Dad and Pops. I recently got into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling. The guys at the gym decided that a good nickname for me would be “Old Guy” or Ojisan.fb1


25 years ago I met this girl.aa2

We got married after a long 2 weeks of “Dating”. They all said we were crazy!aa3

Well here we are now, 25  years later, “In your face doubters!”

Along the way we had 3 daughters and you saw my pretty little grand daughter in the 1st picture. Those 2 shifty looking guys are my Son-in-Laws.


I have been Fat, skinny and somewhere in between. I got really big and looked at a picture of myself, I couldn’t believe how far I let myself go. That made me make a change. This is the picture.aaf

So I did this.fb3

Now I stay somewhere in the middle, because that’s where I’m happiest.aa1

There have been times when I had lots of money but most times I do not. I never let money run my life, though it has tried to ruin my life a couple of times. I try to stay focused on the important stuff, though at times it is very difficult not to let things drag you down. I feel the more that I talk about that, maybe that one person that needs to hear what I saying can relate and take some comfort. The older you get the more you realize what a silly game life is, it doesn’t have to be a struggle. I will try to write about a random event in my life at least once a week. Some will be funny and some will not. Hopefully we can find a common thread, and help each other make life a little sweeter.



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