Dreams and Problems


What are your dreams? I’m not talking about the dreams you have when you are asleep, I’m talking about the dreams you have about your life. For most folks it is that a pile of cash will fall into their lap and fix everything. I got news for you, if you want that pile of cash you had better be careful with your expectations.  A friend/boss of mine told me,”Money only amplifies your life, if you’re happy you’ll be happier and if you are not happy already, you will end up miserable.” I believe that, do you? What do you see in that perfect world inside your head, what is paradise. I’ve said it before, we all have problems, everyone does. Is paradise a lack of problems? Not for me.


What is the spice of life? Problems of course. We are all super proud of our problems, that is the first thing and sometimes the only thing we want to talk about. We love them because they keep us from getting bored with life. I am not talking about tragedies, I am talking about our day in day out struggles. Oh we can not wait to tell the people around us about every little thing that is “holding us back”. I know personally I love to post pictures of my bumps and bruises from grappling, the more gruesome the better. People will always tell you about their romantic troubles, medical issues, financial situations or family problems. Hell we might as well have one of those wallet photo inserts for them, most seem more proud of their problems than their kids. I am not saying that any of this is bad, it is natural.  I do not believe Money will solve all of your problems, you will just end up with a higher class of problems. Do you really want to live a life too safe? Tragedies are a different level of problem, no one wants to deal with one, yet even tragedies become part of your story.  If a problem is so horrible that you do not want to talk about it, then that is a tragedy in itself because other people love hearing about them.

Problems are worth Money

Television and the Internet make most their money selling our horrible stories about our lives. We can not get enough, the only thing better than telling our problems is listening to others. The more rich and famous, the bigger the problems. You remember “high class problems”.  Tabloids feed off of pain like a hungry hyena that just fond a wounded lion cub. Ruthless as they are, you have to ask why do they exist? They are just doing the job that we ask them to do, get the dirt. We will gladly sit through commercial after commercial to see it. There is no news source that values the truth over profits, so be careful what you choose to believe. I am not going to go into a big rant about the news media now, I just got side tracked. Sorry about that, we were talking about our love for problems and how they are actually tied in with our happiness.

I got a secret, I going to tell you how to get that happiness.


What is better than having a bunch of problems? Solving them, and being ready to take on the next batch. Problems will appear, they will find you, and you do not have to create them. I have found that the more energy that I put into worrying about my problems the bigger and deeper they get. If I focus my energy towards honest and realistic solutions, my problems do not stand a chance. You have to be honest with yourself always, you can not hide from the truth of any situation. The harder that you run from the truth the stronger the demons become. Be honest about the problem and you will find the real solution. Solutions suck to go through, so buck up. When you follow through and finish the fight, you will have a story to tell, a lesson to teach. Instead of pulling out that imaginary photo albums of nasty problems to share with the world you can share all your shining golden moments of triumph, and help someone else get through. Focus you energy on the positive and the truth, on the solutions not the problems.  Now back to dreams.

My Dream

My dream: A life in where I am surrounded by the people that I love, living comfortably with the ability to overcome any problem that comes our way.  My family would always be safe in my past dreams, but that is not an honest reality is it. Instead, I take comfort that no matter what happens, we will all come together in times of need. We would also be stinking rich in my old dreams, now I see that we do not need it. Falling into a lot of money would be great, but not necessary to fulfill my dreams. I do not want to be obsessed with money, nor do I want that for my family. I want to have several black belts, now all I have to do is finish the decades of training that it will take to get those.

What do you want?  Be honest and realistic; realistic does not mean small. Realistic means excepting that the bigger the dream the harder the work and the bigger the problems. So Dream as big as you want and then work your ass off to get it. No matter what, focus on achieving your dreams not bitching about the world holding you back. Nothing is holding you back.

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