Back in the early 2000’s I hated Pit Bulls. I fell into believing the news media’s attack on the breed. One day a little black Pit Bull puppy showed up at our house, my daughters hid him from me because they knew how I felt. They kept him hidden in our shed where they fed and played with him. Eventually I found out about him, and they brought him over to me. I sat there for a minute looking down in disgust at his monster, then I reached down and petted him. He immediately wrapped around my hand and showed the greatest gratitude I had ever felt. Still not convinced I hesitated to consider keeping him, I figured he was just waiting for me to turn my back so he could get a good bite on me. My girls loved him, and being the big cupcake that I am, I agreed to keep this little demon on a trial basis. The first sign of aggression and he was gone, I was proved wrong.



Angus grew up fast, playing with my kids. He became the most loved dog that our family ever had. I found out that Pit Bulls are just dogs, like any other dog. They are one of the most loyal breeds that you can find. Pit Bull owners however tend to be the most cruel and stupid people on earth. I can tell you that I have a deep disgust for those who take advantage of this breeds loyalty and desire to obey to their owners. Not only are these pieces of crap actually hurting individual dogs, they have done massive damage to the breeds reputation. I was a changed man after Angus, he quickly became my dog, my buddy.


I know the picture above looks like we are locked in combat, nothing could be further from the truth. I have always worked a lot, and when I came home I would take a nap in the den. Angus loved to wrestle with me, and he would stand by me and wait for hours for me to wake up and play with him.100_0854

We would pose for pictures like this just to mess with people. He not once ever showed the slightest sign of aggression, he was my wrestle buddy. I always felt that he was a part of our family, and felt safer with him in the house when I wasn’t home.


He was a little crazy, however. One time I was at work and my wife and kids could not find him. They went looking for him in the woods behind our house. They could hear him barking but could not see him. After some searching they finally found him, about 20 feet up in a tree. How he got there, who knows but he could not get down. My brother came over and helped them get him down. Most times he had his lips rubbed raw from digging under rocks and it looked like he had lip stick on, so my brother called him “Smootchie”.


Most times, unless he stunk,he stayed in the girls room. Goodness knows what that dog put up with, my girls treated him like a little brother. Dressing him up, putting make up on him and all the things little girls do to little brothers. When I was home he went where I went, but I know how much he loved my kids. If you say the name “Angus” around my wife or kids the first thing that they will say is “Best dog ever!”.


One day the girls were waiting for the School Bus and Angus was with them as usual, but something was wrong. My oldest came back in the house and told me that Angus was throwing up blood. I went out to check on him, and he just looked up at me as if to say that he was sorry for getting hurt. The girls went off to school and I took Angus to the Veterinarian. The best that we could figure is that he had gotten ran over of hit by a car. He was still trying to be a good boy, even though I knew that he was in bad pain. I took him home so he could rest and maybe heal up. The next day we let him outside, Angus disappeared.


For 3 days I looked for my buddy. I would scour the woods making a grid pattern trying to find him and stopping to call for him. After the third day I knew I was not going to find him alive, I just wanted to bring my little wrestle buddy home. I never found him. Sometimes when a dog knows that they are dying, they will go off to be by themselves. On that third day after I had taken one last long look back into the woods, I sat down on a rock and hung my head. I knew that Angus had spared us from watching him die, but I wanted to find him so bad. I felt like I owed it to him for being such a good boy. When I got home I found his collar, we had taken it off when we took him to the vet’s office. I still have it hanging by our front door, he will always be part of our family.


It took me a long time to get over it, I still get a lump in my throat talking about him. He was the Best Dog Ever.

This is T-Bone, after Angus we decided to get another Pit Bull. We got him as a puppy from the pound, most pounds are filled with unwanted Pits. T-Bone has a completely different personality from Angus, he’s just a big ol’ lazy baby. We have had him for 10 years now, another great dog.

Then this goofball showed up, his name is Caboose. He most likely came form the same place that Angus did. Most of the dogs that we have had over the years are just strays that show up out here. He’s a good boy too, and he’s just as lovable as he looks.

T-bone and Caboose quickly became brothers and have been inseparable ever sense.

These two came along just in time to heal the family after losing Angus. Now days they spend most of the time at my Mother’s house because she feeds them the good stuff. Caboose loves to walk with her, they make a good pair.


If you want to adopt a dog, you should consider a Pit Bull. They will be as good of a dog as you want them to be. Pits love to make you happy, so be responsible with that power.

A few months had passed after Angus disappeared, and one night I sat up in bed and looked at my wife. She asked what was wrong and I told her then, and I still feel the same to this day, “I miss my Dog“.


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