Bob Woke Up “Halloween Tale” (Fictional Short Story)

Bob woke up, his limbs felt extra heavy. Most mornings he had trouble getting up but this one was one of the worst. He had went to bed early, but he just couldn’t get his eyes to open. He could barely move. Finally after some effort he sat up, and yawned. As Bob looked around his room it seemed darker than usual and he couldn’t remember his alarm going off. He went to check the time but his clock wasn’t there. Still foggy headed and trying to wake up, he went to the bathroom. After revealing himself and flushing the toilet he walked over to the sink. His face seemed odd looking in the mirror, something was a little off. He took his toothbrush and began to brush his teeth and then….

Bob woke up again. Realizing that his previous wake up was a dream he was almost revealed, yet a little shaken up. However this time he felt even heavier and foggier than before. It was a mighty struggle just to get his arms to move. He really had to concentrate to get his muscles to fire. Sitting up was even worse, now he began to suspect that he was still asleep. Looking around the room he saw that his alarm clock was back where it should be, so he was awake for real this time. Bob got through all his morning bathroom rituals and made breakfast. While he was eating his fried eggs something felt strange in his mouth. He dug around and pulled out what looked to be a fish scale. And then…..

Bob woke up for the third time. Now he has badly shaken, and could not move. It was storming outside and dark in his room. It was daytime but stormy and dark outside. Bob was scared this time, he would not trust that he was awake as the storm grew louder outside. “No way”, he said as he tried to comprehend what was happening. “I’m still dreaming”, Bob thought as he struggled to move. “screw this, I’m going back to sleep!”, he exclaimed. Then Bob found himself staring out his back door window. He was standing though it was hard to keep his balance. He leaned against the wall and began making his way to the door. Outside he could see what looked like a Hurricane, with debris flying all around. He was being forced to go look outside by some unknown will other than his own. As he got right up to the window his silver car flew at the door and then…..

Bob woke up, this was not good. Now Bob was fully aware of what was going on but now he could not move at all. It was if whatever was causing this was angry at him for trying not to play along. Now he was scared. Bob could barely move his eyes, but he caught a glimpse of someone in his bathroom. His room was dark as night, the only light was coming from the bathroom, and then with a click it went out. He could hear  footsteps throughout his house, but he could not move or speak, only wait in terror. He found himself unable to breathe, then he realized someone was sitting on his chest. All that Bob could make out was a dark shadowy figure that made random sounds. The sounds were like a broken record machine would make, slowing down and speeding up. In the darkness Bob could sense that the figure was moving towards his mouth and he tried to close it, but he could not move. It was hard to tell what happened next, if the figure was taking things out or putting things in Bob’s mouth. Bob could not breathe, he tried, he wanted to scream but couldn’t. And then…

Bob woke up. Now he was awake, the room was bright and birds were chirping. His alarm clock was going off and everything finally felt real. He was still shaken by his dreams, but now he could move and all was well. He had a great shower and a delicious breakfast. He watched the news and got ready for work. The whole time he was suspicious that he would wake up again. Testing things to make sure that they were real. Opening doors, checking the hot water and pinching himself made him feel quite satisfied that he was indeed awake. He got in his car and headed off to work. Driving past his neighbor’s house and out to the highway, Bob could not stop thinking about the weird morning that he had. He had heard of this type of thing, usually over worked people that don’t get enough rest. “Work, I can’t wait to get to work.” Bob said out loud. “Work, where the Hell do I work?!”, he couldn’t remember. “Oh God NO!” he shouted. Then he saw a shadowy figure step out into the road, and his car began to lurch and lift into the air. All around him debris began to fly as the neighborhood came apart like a bomb had went off. “Wake up!”, he screamed, looking around at how high he had been lifted into the sky. Then he was in the darkness again, he could hear the weird sounds of the shadowy figure and could not breathe. Bob’s eyes rolled back into his head and he could not move, something was in his mouth, he could not breathe! And Then……

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