25 years



25 years ago Bill Clinton was the president of the United States, The Bodyguard was playing in theaters and I was enlisted in the United States Air Force stationed in Montana. I had fallen in love with a girl over the winter and was getting dressed to go to my wedding. We didn’t have much, just a couple of young broke Airmen, but as it turns out we had everything that we would ever need.

We could not afford a tuxedo or a fancy wedding dress. Our whole set of rings cost us less than $130, and we had to finance that. We only had enough money to get married at the court house by a Judge. It was cold up there, and our tiny 1 room apartment wasn’t exactly a dream home.  Our families were both over a thousand miles away from us, and we had no one to lean on for help. With all that said, it was perfect, we had all we needed.

Some people would have waited to get married. They would wait for the money, the church or their family, but we could not. When we met it was instant, I felt that I had just been completed. It was almost as if we looked at each other and said “Where have you been, I’ve been looking for you my whole life.” Some people don’t believe in love at first sight, or even in love at all. All I can say is that when you get hit by it, you will. It feels like you found something that you didn’t have before, but you would die without. Nothing else matters, it’s all you need.

We have not always had it hard nor have we had it easy. It never mattered because we were together. We have raised 3 daughters and now we have a Granddaughter and a grandson on the way. Our nest is empty, our hair is getting grey, and the years of working are starting to take their toll. We have the same pile of bills that everyone else has and sometimes we can’t pay them all. Yet we still have everything.

Thank the stars that I found her, or she found me. Once we grabbed each other by the hand, the rest of the world melted away. It was meant to be, it is unstoppable. We were not High School sweethearts, but we would have been. We are entangled and can never be separated. I love her more than anything, she is all that I will ever need.

Happy 25th Anniversary Baby!





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