Does matter matter? We came from the unknown and we are headed back into the unknown. Only the present can be perceived as real. What are we? We make our guesses and comfort ourselves, but no one really knows. The Big Bang? Maybe. Creation? Maybe. I am certainly not enlightened enough to say, and neither is anyone else. Either we are made of atoms smashed together in the hearts of stars, or on the whim of a higher being. Matter is made from energy, energy cannot be destroyed and at some point in the far distant future all the energy in the Universe will disperse evenly and we will all be a part of that. Maybe.

There are things beyond our horizons that we cannot see. Things that are so immense, that we cannot not even imagine them. Even what we can observe is so distant that they are not even in existence anymore, we only see the light that they emitted when they were. As of yet no God has returned to the modern world to enlighten humanity. Several men have used the idea of God to achieve the greatest of Good and the worst of Evil. I envy those with true faith, however I will never be untrue to myself. Maybe I’m just an arrogant man that thinks he knows it all. I can tell you that what I do know is minuscule, insignificant  in the face of the Universe.

We only get a very short period of existence as humans. The light that we emit lasts forever though. Some super advanced alien in the distant future, with a powerful enough telescope can observe my entire life. They can watch me grow, fall in love and die as if watching a television show. Long after our Sun has gone out and the planet that we live on is gone, our light will still be traveling through the Universe into other reality bubbles. I am not a theologian nor am I an scientist, I am just curious. These are just thoughts, not fuel for debate.  I do not have any answers only the courage to ask questions. Have you ever just tried to focus on what matters.



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