I have been trying to define myself politically. I have studied political  parties and taken many quizzes and tests to determine  which party represents my interests. There are some that are close like the Libertarian Party, however they fall short of my liberal views on social responsibility of government.

I believe that governments should only exist to make life better for everyone. Governments exist to prevent and end conflicts, not to create them for profit. There are enough resources in the world for everyone to enjoy a peaceful and productive life, yet we focus on money and power for just a very few. Our world is kept on the brink of disaster in order to keep those few in power. Billions of humans controlled by a few thousand politicians, why. Small governments that help us bridge cultures and open up trade are all that is required, not mega military forces all pointing weapons at each other. It is all a fixed game in order to give those few control, power and this thing that we invented called money.

Money itself is not evil, how it is manipulated is.  There are people that make more money by just that manipulation than most will ever dream of. They do not contribute anything useful, just manipulation of the game. I believe that a true free market must remove all these manipulations and hold those who try accountable. Contributions should reap rewards.

Government should stay out of our homes. How we educate our children should be left for us to decide to avoid indoctrination. Child abuse and neglect should never be accepted and those who commit it should be held accountable by society. Your religion, sexuality and entertainment choices are yours to make without any influence by the government. Even in the USA we are restricted on these choices and are pressured by religion. At every event you will be expected to bow your head and pray like a good Christian. I have said in earlier posts, that I do not have nor offer any answers to religious beliefs, but I will not be untrue to myself. I should have that choice.

If the resources and money are available, everyone should be given a means to live without being required to work for someone else. I love my jobs, my wife and I both work two jobs. I do not believe that people should have to get up and go to jobs that they do not enjoy, that is paid slavery. We are slaves to debt, it is the American way. A never ending cycle of debt that will never get paid off. We as the Human Race need to end this. This is were I break from the Libertarian Party, they believe that everyone is responsible for their own well being. That would be true in a truly fair society, but as long as inequality exists this damns too many into a pit of poverty that they will not get out of.

I fear that none of this will be resolved in my lifetime, however I just want to help the world start moving in the right direction. I talk with my peers about these subjects only to find that most do not share my views, but some do. Those few are starting to see the truth of the world. As they begin to be true to themselves and reject the social pressures placed upon them as Americans, they will multiply. Our current Government has become and embarrassment to the world. It only reflects the fears of the changing society, but it will not last. The changes in America can not be undone by one naive and greedy administration.

Do not put much head into the words of the media now days, they will provide you with whatever answer that you desire as long as you watch the commercials. We must reject the greedy , the power hungry and their manipulations. Take away the games that keep them in power by changing as a species. Stop being one of many and become the many of ones, Liberty.

If you are reading this in another country other than America, I value your discussions. Tell me your thoughts.

As for now I am still unaffiliated.



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