NEWS and Opinions 2/21/18

billy graham

Today televangelist Billy Graham died. He was 99 years old.  Mr Graham touched the lives of many people across the world. It is also of note that Mr. Graham’s net worth was 25 million dollars. Even if I do not agree with or condone the methods of Christian Evangelist, I will never deny the right of anyone to worship as they choose. I will leave it at that out of respect for his followers.


The gun control debate is heating up again. With the recent school shooting in Florida, President Trump has ordered the Justice Department to look into a ban on “Bump Stocks”. These gun stock modifications essentially convert a semi-automatic rifle into a full-auto weapon. This is a good first step and it is hard for me to give credit to President Trump but, credit is due. The action stems from the Las Vegas shooting, in which a man using these “Bump Stocks” slaughtered 58 people and wounded hundreds more. I believe that we must take steps to secure our school campuses beyond gun control. It is a sad day indeed when we must discuss the need for armed security and hardened barriers at our public schools. The very people that cling on to their assault rifles in order to prevent a police state seem to be the very ones causing it. I am not proposing any strong gun control, just some common sense. Our society cannot be trusted with open gun laws.


The investigation into President Trump’s administration’s Russian collusion keeps churning on. Reports vary wildly from each media source, but it seems that high level indictments are only a matter of time. This will force President Trump to use his Presidential powers to protect himself and his family, in the end we will all lose. President Vladimir Putin must be very proud of the exposure of the division in American politics, and how these situations are used for political gain by our representatives. Both the Republican and Democratic Parties are failing the American people at this time. It is time for America to come together, Mr. Trump is demonstrating the worst in American behavior and failing to lead anyone.

woThe Winter Olympics are happening, who cares? A bunch of smug entitled kids jumping in the snow, Wow!

door.pngAnd finally, amidst all the gun debate and shootings in the state, Florida has instead decided to focus on Pornography,calling it a threat to the public. Really Florida lawmakers? Your people are dying in shootings and you have a horrible drug problem, but you are going to put your energy into fighting the porn industry. Florida voters need to remember this at election time. Never mind the armed drug dealer selling drugs to school school kids or the crazy sociopath killing people with a machine gun, lets go after people looking at boobs. One teen boy has took action by inventing a devise designed to prevent shooters from entering classrooms, this invention is more effective than anything any elected official has come up with. Instead of solutions they just point out a different, easier to attack problem, Shameful!

My top Youtube video of today is:

Think for yourself! We don’t have to agree, just come together.




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