My Favorite Youtube Channels (for now)


Every time a new comic book movie comes out, I get asked all kinds of questions. I am one of the resident comic book guys. This channel can answer those questions even better than I can. I love this guy’s passion in reading the stories back. 



Have you ever just wondered about crazy mind bending questions? This will help you feel a little more normal.


Lost In Vegas

I love free thinking and people that refuse to limit themselves or be labeled. These guys are shining examples of that thinking. I love their true appreciation of music.


Good Mytical Morning

Just a goofy, family friendly break. 



Vsauce is another site to answer big questions. Michael runs Vsauce, he is fun but usually pretty straight forward. Vsauce 1 or just Vsauce is geared towards thought experiments and things you can do.  Kevin runs Vsauce 2, this more geared towards things you can buy. Vsauce 3 stars Jake, this is somewhat of a combination of the first two, however these videos tend to be well thought out a scripted stories that answer big questions.


These are just a few of my favorites, the list will expand as I discover more rabbit holes.



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