My Top 10 Movie Showdowns

I’m sure that there are many that I have forgotten. This is my list of my top showdowns in some of my favorite movie.

10. Flash Gordan

Man 1980 was an awesome year to be a kid!


9. Empire Strikes Back

Another one from 1980.


8.Once Upon a Time in the West

Muse fans, ever wonder where the harmonica came from?


7. Unforgiven

Got chills watching Bill Munny come back to town.


6. Warrior

Hasn’t been this good since Rocky.


5. Rocky 4

Speaking of Rocky.


4. Predator

Dutch telling this thing what he thinks about him.


3. Return Of The Jedi

Luke finally looses his sh!t on Vader.


2. The Good The Bad and The Ugly

The best shot scene in movie history.


  1. Conan the Barbarian

I know this movie scene by scene, I have always said that people should go back and really watch this one. Do not bother with the pathetic sequel nor the remake, this is my favorite showdown. Conan Vs Rexor at the Battle of the Mounds.


I no I missed a few. Let me know what you think, what’s your favorites? I know, I didn’t include Doc Holiday in Tombstone. Here it is anyway.

Honorable Mention. Tombstone






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