NEWS and Opinions 2/22/18


The main story today is still Gun Control following the Florida school shooting. CNN hosted a town hall with victims, family members, law enforcement and politicians all coming together to discuss the problems and possible solutions. I am very proud of the young people across this country that are making their voices heard and holding elected officials accountable. The shooter himself is responsible for his horrific actions, but elected officials are responsible for their inaction. One of the victims father let it be known what he thought.

Gun laws are their to protect the general public. Common sense gets in the way of gun brokers and the NRA’s profits. It is not about taking away the 2nd amendment it is about ensuring that only responsible law abiding citizens get access to those guns. You should be able to buy what ever kind of gun you desire as long as you can pass a real and extensive background check. The system we have in place today is only there to maximize profits, not protect anyone. We as a generation have failed our children.



More sexual harassment and misconduct charges are rocking the elite of America.  The head of Ford motors and billionaire Mark Cuban are both dealing with new revelations. This is another case in which older generations have failed, and are being held accountable. It is awesome to see these deep changes in our society take place. Trump being president has accomplished one positive thing, Americans are already fed up with his elitist views and behaviors, and those of his peers. The women and children of America are rising up, it is time the men got on board.


My top Youtube video of today is:


Think for yourself! We don’t have to agree, just come together.




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