Advise For Young Americans

As I have entered middle age it occurs to me that it is very difficult to get any good advise. Most advise comes from a desire to get into your wallet. These are 3 things that I wish that I had learned earlier in life. These are the traps that I have fallen into, save yourself some pain and listen up.

  1. You are not supposed to live your life in DEBT.

It is a never ending cycle we buy and replace everything. Products are designed to be obsolete and replaced every couple of years. As things become more expensive we cannot afford to replace them, so we finance them. Do Not fall into this trap, buy quality products that last. You do not have to have the newest and shiniest things. Think about it, they are only new until you walk out the door with them. Cars, credit cards and cell phone plans can become prisons. Debt is suffocating and life ruining, stay out of it as much as possible. Debt collectors are ruthless and uncaring, they don’t care if they drive someone to suicide as long as they get the money.

2. You are supposed to have money left over every month. 

You are not supposed to live paycheck to paycheck. This goes hand in hand with Debt. Live within your means so that your bank account will grow. This will give you true security and freedom. If you become dependent on your next paycheck, you have become a paid slave. This is when you cannot quit your job because you and your family would suffer by missing one check. SAVE MONEY.

3. Your picture of the ideal life is based on LIES.

Money, it’s the key to happiness right. The house, the cars and all the things that you would ever want will not make you happy. An ideal life is getting up out of bed each morning and looking forward to the day, that’s it. All the commercials in the Media and the lives depicted there are fake, phony BS. Follow your desires, do not let anyone else tell you what they should be.


I have a lot of Hope for our youth. They are seeing past the falseness of our society. I love the new WE CALL BS! movement. Please just take some advise from old Ojisan and guide your own life. People LIE, because they want something from you. Sometimes they just want you to be indifferent and stay out of the conversation, but just keep CALLING BS! Love it.





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