You Are Expendable so Be Valuable

Do not ever think that you are safe from being let go by a company. I do not care what position you are in nor how may years you have been there, you can be replaced. Here are a couple of tips to keep this from happening.

1. Be Valuable. Be sure that your boss is happy that you came to work. Work hard and stay on target with the company’s goals. Never be the negative voice and always give  your best effort. Even if you do not think that it is the best way, the only way to prove that, is with your best efforts and commitment to be successful. A halfhearted attempt does not prove anything other than that you are not right for the job. You may be surprised with the results, so be open minded.

2. Do not be a “Yes Man”.  I said earlier to never be negative, but that does not mean to blindly follow and agree with everything that your superiors say. If you have a better idea, say it. Most bosses will appreciate you keeping them from making a bad decision or having a different perspective shown. With that being said, if the decision has been made even after your input, go with it wholeheartedly.

3. Be a leader. You do not have to be in a management position to be a leader. Always stay positive and try to influence as many co-workers as possible with your positive attitude. This is the one thing as a manager that I value most from one of my associates.

4. Do not get cocky. Simply never assume that you are above or below anyone else, you simply have a different job title. Always show the same respect to to custodians that you show to the general manager and you will get that respect back.

There you go. If you want to be secure in your job follow these steps and good things will happen for you. Remember, nothing in life is guaranteed, you got to make it happen.


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