What’s Going On with North Korea?

The world is starting to get a bit dicey. Depending on what news source you rely on you probably have some strong opinions on what we should do about it. You do have a choice as to what to believe, I would never try to tell you how you think. These are my thoughts and opinions, feel free to comment and debate. All I ask is that we all remain respectful to each other’s opinion and open ourselves up to the possibility of changing our minds. Here we go.

North Korea

You may ask,”Why don’t we just go in and blow that little fat bastard of the face of the Earth?” Well, we don’t because no matter what military solution we try, a lot of people will be killed.  I know that I would have to think long and hard before I made the call that would cost possibly millions of lives. I know our President likes to act like everything is Okay, we got this. We will destroy the whole country, no problem. There is a problem, U.S. troops and scores of South Koreans and North Koreans will die. I’m not saying a Military solution isn’t valid, I’m just saying that every other option should be exhausted first. We can not allow North Korea to develop any further nuclear capabilities, so if they keep on their current pace it does seem that a lot of people will die. However, name calling and chest bumps are not going to fix a damn thing. I expect much more out of our President. Trump needs to grow up and understand that is dismissively playing with millions of lives. He is so afraid that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson might get some of the credit, that he undermines his every effort. I’m sure Rex is about sick of this crap, I know I am. Secretary Tillerson said that we have direct lines of communication between the U.S. and North Korea, so a diplomatic solution has a chance.  President Trump said the silly little Rex is wasting his time. This coming from a president that can’t tell the difference between a member of the United States Air Force and a member of the Coast Guard. I am a 17 year Veteran, I can think of a lot of things worth fighting and dying for, NAME CALLING IS NOT ONE!  Preventing WWIII is. So before you wave the might of the United States military around like it’s your manhood, think about the troops that you are hiding behind while you run your mouth, Tough Guy! If all diplomacy fails and we have truly put our best effort forth, then yes we should act swiftly and neutralize the threat. Just understand that only a handful of people in North Korea and none of the folks in South Korea will deserve the deaths that will occur and of course you are asking U.S. Troops to risk their lives. Time is running out fast, it’s a festering boil ready to explode. We have not even come close to any kind of diplomacy worthy of our country however, we have stooped to their level. So we may have to blow that little fat bastard off the face of the Earth, but it shouldn’t be because he called Trump a name, IT SHOULD BE BECAUSE WE HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE.


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