Spinning Wheels (The Pep Talk)

Sometimes it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.Sometimes you just want to curl up under the blankets and wait for life to get better. Maybe I’ll win the lottery, maybe a sack of money will fall from the sky.  It’s easy to feel like you are letting everyone down, letting yourself down. The bills are piling up and you can’t get promoted. Your engine blew up in your car, the water pipe busted and your kids need some money. Maybe it would be easy to just let go and fade away.


Work two jobs or file bankruptcy, that’s what it’s there for. Stop putting money and things ahead of yourself. If Christmas comes and you can’t afford to spend as much as your idiot friends, so what! Your kids are still going to love you. Get married to the right person and none of those things will matter.

There are always solutions, even if they hurt your pride. There is no such thing as an ideal American. Just do the best you can and live with it. If you care that much about other’s opinions of you, then you are being weak and shallow. The truth is, no one cares, they have their own problems.

Clothes, cars, houses and other status symbols are only there to make you feel like you are doing good. The right thing to do is to be good to your loved ones and enjoy your time with them. Are you nuts? We only get 100 spins around the sun at most, then we die. If you hang on to petty and material things, then you are being petty and materialistic. You are wasting your life!

Do you really think money makes you happy? Ask all the rich folks that kill themselves or get addicted to drugs. Gems cease to sparkle, gold looses it’s luster and the only thing left is a parents love for their children. For a lot of rich folks they have spent so much life trying to get rich, their children have long drifted away and been lost.

Stop Feeling sorry for yourself. Stop feeling like a failure over material goals.

Start living, give yourself a break. Stop and look around you, put things into perspective.

If life sucks, FIX IT!

This is the pep talk I have to give myself almost everyday. We are all just alike, we all have problems. Wright yourself a pep talk, and be brutal with it. 


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